Comprehensive Communication Solution for Sales

Increase your sales through Instagram and Facebook chats!

Turn your social networks into your super app.

Eliminate errors in orders, serve more customers, allow everyone to place orders (sales team, POS, and consumers), and ensure that products remain available, preventing shortages.

Online payment in your own chat and all order information goes straight to your ERP.

Simplify order entry and accelerate your sales!

How it works

Made for all types of businesses

Our solution was developed so that any company can sell through their social media. Now your sales team and everyone involved in the business process can enter orders using Hubnai.

Sales team

Streamline the process for your sales team with our enhanced ordering system. Now, instead of manual data entry, you can simply select the products or services you need.
Our system operates directly within your chat interface, providing 24/7 availability without requiring additional downloads. Plus, everything is seamlessly integrated with your ERP.


Now, your customers have the freedom to place orders independently, at any time, without the need to rely on a sales representative. Customers access your company's social network to select their products or services as needed. This convenient and user-friendly feature is available 24/7, providing unrestricted access from any location.

End Buyers

Enhance the purchasing experience for your consumers, especially for those items they cherish the most. They can now effortlessly select products from your online catalog at any time, enjoying the convenience of online payment directly within the chat interface without ever leaving the chat platform.

Affiliates and business partners

Your affiliates and business partners can place orders through their own social networks, presenting your product catalog and pricing policy as you define. The order information goes directly to the company's ERP.

Explore Innovative Business Models

Embrace novel approaches to expand your reach: establish new online stores. Transform into a virtual mall, offering your partners' products or services within your own environment. Launch temporary stores for specialized campaigns or influencers initiatives.

Smart social commerce

How it works

After activating the Hubnai solution, your chat will become a smart and automatic sales hub. The entire shopping journey will take place in the same space, WITHOUT REDIRECTS TO OTHER PLATFORMS.

1 – Your audience (seller, POS or consumer) access your chat on your Instagram or Facebook page;

2 –
Then an automatic conversation begins with instant display of your product showcase in the chat itself.

3 –
Your audience selects the products, fills the cart and chooses how the product will be delivered from the available options (pick up at the store, own delivery, by partner, etc).

4 –
Definition of the payment method, through online and/or offline options.

Thats it, your store active on your social media and selling 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Made to sell

The solution was developed so that EVERYONE has access.

Competitive fees

We are committed partners, and for us, fairness is a non-negotiable principle. Therefore, we operate with a competitive fee structure. Our charges include a monthly fee that is significantly lower—up to 10 times less—than the rates imposed by traditional websites and marketplaces.

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Any enhancements or developments to the solution that are part of our roadmap will be handled by us, eliminating the need for you to manage new versions. It's as straightforward as that! Our pledge is to provide you with opportunities for success.

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Automated selling

Move beyond traditional one-to-one business contact. We automate chat interactions to enhance your service flow, enabling you to conduct sales 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Stock management

Maintain comprehensive control over your sales offerings. Organize your products into specific categories and define the quantity of each item available on your social platform's virtual shelf.

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Integrated payment methods

"How to pay?" You have the autonomy to determine the most convenient and accessible payment options for customers in your store.

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Delivery methods

You have full control! Determine the primary method for delivering your products, whether through your own means or with partners. Our approach avoids excessive fees and intermediaries, and, most importantly, ensures complete transparency for all parties involved.

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You have questions and we have the answers, signs of an amazing partnership.

Q: What can I sell with Hubnai's solution?

You have the flexibility to sell whatever you wish through Hubnai's solution. Whether it's a product or a service, as long as it can be presented and marketed in an automated manner, and is within the guidelines of your preferred social media platform, we can assist you. Size and product type are irrelevant.

Q: Is Hubnai an intermediary between me and my customers?

Absolutely not. Your customers are yours alone, and you've worked diligently to build those relationships. We strive to maintain the natural order by providing a solution that helps your business sell more quickly and automatically to your customers on social media platforms.

Q: How Hubnai make 💰?

We have a transparent fee structure that includes a monthly charge and a fee on transactions carried out on our platform. We only charge on the value of the products or services, never on shipping rates. We are committed to offering the most competitive rates in the market.

Q: Can I activate Hubnai on all social networks?

Expanding to all social networks is our ultimate goal! Currently, we are focused on enabling sales through Instagram, Facebook, and your website, but we are actively working to extend our presence to other platforms in the near future.

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